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Nowadays a pet has become the important members of a family, pet groomer demand in Malaysia also increases. Pet grooming is a very specialized trade, a rapid growing and professional industry in Malaysia. Pet Grooming not just to bathe the dog, but through the beautician exquisite pruning techniques, to cover perfectly of the imperfect of their bodily form, enhance the cuteness and beautiness of the pet. That's why groomer need to efforts in study pet grooming courses, a textual research, more should constantly absorbing new knowledge in order to have a first-class professional grooming skill.
    Pro Groomer Academy is the ONLY one who won the most awards in Grooming Competition among all of the Grooming Association around Asia. In addition to the general lovely modelling of pet style, we also attaches great importance to the standard pet style that needed for the international pet show. Foster internationalization Pet Groomer, adhere to the institute of vocational education theory and practical is our consistent purpose.  Moreover, Pet Groomer Academy has offers overseas student exchange too. 
      Our academy has the perfect equipment and professional teacher. Under the guidance of our highly qualified instructors, students must be able to get quickly and accurately with all the grooming necessary skills and techniques. Students from our school will be highly sought by pet shops or Veterinary as Pro Groomer Grooming House is well-known for producing highly skilled groomers in Malaysia.
    Pro Groomer Academy situated in Taipan Subang Jaya, Selangor, most of the traffic are very convenient, in addition to several stores nearby, we are also provided advanced dormitory area with good equipment.
现时宠物已经成为了家庭重要的成员,宠物美容业逐渐成为大马专业的行业,宠物美容师在大马的需求也增加。所谓的宠物美容,不只是替狗儿洗澡而已,而是借着美容师的精湛修剪技法,为它们遮掩体型缺失、增添美感,所以美容师需要辛苦的拜师学艺、考证照、更要不断吸收新知以拥有一流的专业技艺和独到的造形设计。 本专业宠物美容学院是马来西亚各大宠物美容赛场上数一数二的大赢家,除了职场上的可爱造型,我们也重视国际美容赛场所需的标准造型可说是双种造型兼顾。培育国际化美容师,坚持专业的教育理论是我们学院一贯宗旨,近年更增设了国外学生交流计划。本学院拥有完善的学习设备及优秀的导师,必定能够把你快速准确领进宠物美容这个行业大门。毕业后的学员们能到各家宠物美容院,兽医所等寻找就业机会。 本院位于雪兰莪州梳邦区,交通方便,附近除了有多家大型卖场,还有最新兴建的LRT站。我们还备有学生校舍提供给外坡留学生。
Pet Owner Basic Grooming Course
This Course is for Pet Owners who want to learn the basics of grooming their personal Pets.
Course Syllabus: Nail Clipping, Bathing and Drying, Brushing and De-matting, Safety Handling, Ear Cleaning, Paw Pad Shaving, Dog Clipping/Sahving

课程内容包括: 正确的美容技巧,正确梳理爱犬毛发的手法,冲凉及吹干技巧,清理耳朵,修剪指甲,修理脚板毛发,基本剃毛手法
Creative Pet Grooming Course
This Course is for Pet Owners who want to learn the basics of grooming their personal Pets.

Advance Diploma in Pet Grooming
The course is designed for qualified groomers who wish to elevate their skills to a more competitive level. The course focuses more on Individual breed standard and Show grooming. Students will also be trained in preparation for grooming competitions and certifications ( Class B & Class A ). Upon Graduation and passing the exams, Students will awarded with a Advance Diploma in Pet Grooming.

此课程主要提供给想继续进修的宠物美容师们。课程内容包含指定犬品种的标准及犬品种赛的美容技巧。学员们也将给与宠物美容赛(A级 和B级)前准备技巧。毕业后的学员们将被颁发高级文凭。
Diploma in Pet Grooming
This Course is for anybody who is looking to pursue a career as a Pet groomer. Students will be taught all the skills needed to ply their trade as a Pet Groomer. Upon Graduation and passing the exams , Students will awarded with a Diploma in Pet Grooming.

The 3 reasons WHY you should join US!
Early Bird Promotion : Register yourself before Dec 2015, get a FREE "PRO-Grooming tool box" worth of RM 1000.00, items including nail trimmer, stypic powder, ear powder, ear cleanser, slicker brush, butter comb small clipper, clipper lubricant, grooming scissors 7".
In event of participate and win any recognized contest or examination, extra reward will be complimented:
*President Prize - RM2,000
*1st Prize - RM1,000
*2nd Prize - RM500
*3rd Prize - RM300
*Consolation Prize - RM100
For the first participant of recognized examination, the expenses are fully covered base on credit given in the event when you pass the exam.
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